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As I had always done, I check the movements, clean and re-oil them prior to testing them for a few days, so I can give the full 12-month guarantee. After-sales service I do in my workshop. The recommended clock movement / dial combinations are flexible to a degree, as I have other dials, pendulums and weight shells. Please contact me for any queries you might have. Please note: When planning to build a clock case, please enquire about the minimum measurements needed for the casing, otherwise you might not be able to buy the movement you want.

 New – the Hermle ref. 0130 mantel clock movement with bell strike:

spring wound clock movement with strike on 2 bells

I prepared one prototype with dial and holder complete to simplify fitting the unit into a mantel clock case.

An option would be a different back plate and fittings  (without the 2- pillar stand) to mount the movement as a wall clock.   – working on it – 2/2018

The 8-day spring-wound movement strikes the half and full hours onto two bells. The time-keeper is a balance, not a pendulum, as in large clocks.

The price of the movement complete including courier charges within South Africa will be   R  2200.–

The simple “Country Clock” case an ideal example for the bell-strike movement. The dial measures 150 mm. The hands I made from brass, in order to give them a special finish – black with the brass showing at the edges. Even small features give a special touch. Similar to you working with wood and crafting carefully thought-out details.

The Arch Dial, 160 mm wide x 212 mm high is an option to the round dial. 

It will have winding holes and be one unit with the movement.

Another possible choice might be a 200 mm square brass dial  with cast corner ornaments. That would need a new chapter ring or a complete round disc to be made locally.

On the far right you can see the movements ex. factory. Maybe as somebody in the trade

you need to replace an old clockworks? Please enquire for further details.

Another alternative, just for the movements and dials and factory hands – not assembled:

Make an offer for the dozen I have in stock.  Please enquire.

Long-case clock movements   (Grandfather / Grandmother)

(new illustrations in preparation)  I have stock of 1/2 doz. Kieninger PK strike movements, but only 3 sets of gong-rods ( not chime ), for the rest I will use bells and gong-tubes, either single or double strike.   These PK movements have two weights  on chains, 116 cm pendulum, ( one with a 93 cm ) wooden rods. Starting from R  4400.– One PS – 116 cm movement ( Weights on pulleys and cables ) with enamel dail 240 mm diameter should be available later in the year.  I will have brass holders made locally for that PS movement and the others with round dials.     SOLD TO A  CASE-MAKER / CLOCK ENTHUSIAST  IN FINLAND 2/2018 A variety of dials mostly in brass, moon – phase  395 x 280 mm, a rch dials (TempusFugit)  280 x 375 mm with various chapter rings. One grandmother –  size movement I will assemble with a matching set of  “Tempus Fugit”dial,  330 x 250 mm, weights, chains and pendulum for the 93 cm (Grandmother) clock movement.   
Kieninger triple chime - 9 bells - movement, spring driven

Triple chime movement, spring driven

                              not yet fully illustrated:  One Kieninger spring wound, 9 – bell chime/strike movement, for a mantel clock with 15 cm pendulum. Moon dial 200 mm diameter or square dial 200 x 200 mm SOLD TO THE CASE-MAKER IN FINLAND, indicating that my prices  are very favourable. Of course I could not manage that, if I had to import at nowadays’ conditions ( min. quantities, exchange rate )

So, if you are thinking of building a clock case, now is the time.

However, my stock gets very limited, I only have the small Hermle mantel / wall clock movements and the Kieninger PK type for Long-Case-Clocks.

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                            Brass ornaments for clock cases,  made by VIOLA  –  Spain

8 ornaments, L 1 to 9, 3. 8

ball + spire – small and large, capital, column base, flat ornaments for fluted pillars.

The sizes are normally for the height unless otherwise stated. 001 80mm, R 90.–      002 145mm, R 158.–        003 18mm,  R 52.–      004 32mm, R96.–      005 40mm, R 46.– 006 28mm, SOLD       007  24mm, R 54.–      017  65mm + 20mm,  R 136.– 

The ornaments are of solid brass, naturally of high quality. As with all of my offers, you get excellent value. Just check some USA websites. Of course I only can sell at my prices, because I don’t import any more. As with most goods today, you can purchase some cheap imitations, but — value for money is questionable. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 2

brass ornaments for clock cases

008  55mm wide, R 52.–    009  55mm wide, R 98.–   010 + 011  12mm, R 12.– each,   012  45mm, R 29.–  013 60mm,  R 78.– 014  58mm, R 94.– per pair,  015  72mm,  R 38.–   016 box lock set  45mm, escutchion 63mm,  R 72.–    018  30mm,  R 48.– 019  47mm, R  76.–