In our small company – CLOCKTIME – as a craftsman I have always dealt in high-quality CLOCKS, imported and locally produced. After more than 30 years in Cape Town, we have moved to the Hermanus area and I am concentrating on the sale of limited editions of Wall – and Mantel Clocks. Good Antique Items, such as Grandfather Clocks, are by their nature unique. Several other useful item for the home – barometer / weather instrument sets I will offer soon, including two antique long-case-clocks after I have restored them.

If you are looking for a special time-piece, you will find one at:

L I M I T E D – E D I T I O N S

for short videos – mostly workshop matters – click this link:

T h o m a s N i e m e y e r

The site is under re-construction. I finished the ” BRASS ORNAMENTS ” page. Next will be “Clock Movements”.

“Trade Offers ” and the post page “ClockWorks” are fairly current.

  • French Mantel clock
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