Thomas NiemeyerFor that special Clock, Mantel Clock and Wall Clock, Grandfather clock or Exclusive Antique Clock:

In our small company, CLOCKTIME, I, as a craftsman have always dealt in high quality Clocks, both imported and locally produced, and in restoration. After more than 30 years in Cape Town, we have moved to the Hermanus area and I am concentrating on the sale of limited editions of Wall Clocks and Mantel Clocks. Good Antique Clocks, such as Grandfather clocks, by their nature, are available only in limited numbers.

Our stock will change, as we have about two thirds as single items and the rest in numbers of up to six. I guarantee for all items and do the after sales service in my workshop.

If you look for a special timepiece, you will find one at:

LIMITED-EDITIONS – Thomas Niemeyer