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Orion sets mounted, title + Constell. 22. 8

BARIGO   “Orion”  Range.

These instruments have compact cases with fixed bezels and domed glasses. The diameter is 102 mm. The instruments come in BRASS polished  and in BRASS nickel plated ( “Nista” is Barigo’s trade name for this version )

Marine instruments are usually mounted onto a wood panelling in yachts. As I sell these instruments mostly for home use, I have decided to mount the sets onto a vertically hanging wooden boards with concave mouldings all round, size 140 x 380 mm. The complete depth is 95 mm.

The Barometers are for normal altitude ( up to a 1000m )

Thermo Hygro CU. strip of center dial DSCN9846
Orion, CU Clock, dark Mer. 200x192, png DSCN9812

Both the Barometer and the Hygrometer are special precision instruments. You get four instruments in three casings.

I have three sets available, two Brass /  Nickel plated on the left with a dark Meranti board. One Brass polished unit on Red Saligna, on the right.   Boards are interchangeable and we also can make them to order.

Three brass “key -plates”   invisibly fitted to the wooden   board, hold the Orion instruments  firmly in place, but easily removable for e.g. battery change in the clock. Details with the instructions.

The price of  R 5860.– includes courier within S.A.

Another type of weather instrument sets will be on the site soon.  

And then there is the project for a larger barometer including two marine type combination sets.

For some information on Weather Instruments generally, you can check my three posts right here on this page or in   “The How? + Why?”       one of the six MENUS on top of each page.

                                    BARIGO INSTRUMENTS FOR ACCURACY AND QUALITY

                                     ref. 930, Chromed Brass case 153 mm,  R 980.–      ref. 750,  St/St case 162 mm, R 1270.–                                                                                                     ref.  798,  polished brass case 132 mm, R 780.– 

                          ref. 420,  100 mm, R 490.–                       ref. 856, 100 mm, R 470.–                            ref. 820, R 420.

   The above three models have identical cases,  100mm diameter, black plastic back case and brass chromed front ring                                                                                                                               

ref. 3015, Hygrometer,  Barometer  and Thermometer.      290 x 135 mm, plastic case with metal dial.  R 790.-

The touch-field below activates the  red / green LED lights to indicate the tendency.

ref. 135, satin brass finish with perspex dial, 150 mm high,  R 675.–  (this is a reduced price as the cylinder has some dis-coloration.)

Can be re-done, but then the price will be R 845.–

Another model: Set of instruments, black steel casings mounted on boards as the “ORION” but far less in price, ready in August 2018. Barometers, both normal and high altitude types.