Clock Movements + Brass Ornaments

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As I had always done, I check the movements, clean and re-oil them prior to testing them for a few days, so I can give the full 12-month guarantee. After-sales service I do in my workshop. The recommended clock movement / dial combinations are flexible to a degree, as I have other dials, pendulums and weight shells. Please contact me for any queries you might have. Please note: When planning to build a clock case, please enquire about the minimum measurements needed for the casing, otherwise you might not be able to buy the movement you want.

 I have stock of 1/2 doz. Kieninger PK strike movements, but only 2 sets of gong-rods ( not chime ), for the rest I will use bells and gong-tubes, either single or double strike.  

These PK movements have two weights  on chains, 116 cm pendulum, ( one with a 93 cm ) wooden rods. Starting from R  4400.–  

One PS – 116 cm movement ( Weights on pulleys and cables ) with enamel dail 240 mm diameter should be available later in the year.  I will have brass holders made locally for that PS movement and the others with round dials.

New – the Hermle ref. 0130 mantel clock movement with bell strike:

spring wound clock movement with strike on 2 bells

I prepared one prototype with dial and holder complete to make the fitting into a case simple.

The 8-day spring-wound movement strikes the half and full hours onto two bells. The time-keeper is a balance, not a pendulum, as in large clocks.

I found the simple “Country Clock” case an ideal example for the bell-strike movement. The dial measures 150 mm. The hands I made from brass, in order to give them a special finish – black with edges in brass. I find generally, that small features give that special touch. Similar to you doing the woodwork with carefully thought-out details.

I will complete this as soon as I can.












New illustrations in preparation, including one moon – phase dial 395 x 280mm and  one matching set of  “Tempus Fugit”dial,  330 x 250 mm, weights, chains and pendulum for the 93 cm (Grandmother) clock movement.   

Kieninger triple chime - 9 bells - movement, spring driven

Triple chime movement, spring driven


                              not yet fully illustrated: 

One Kieninger spring wound, 9 – bell chime/strike movement, either for a mantel clock with 15 cm pendulum or modified – if possible – with 80 cm pendulum for a wall clock. Moon dial 200 mm.

More than ten Hermle mantel clock movements, double strike on 2 bells, choice of 2 dials.




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                            Brass ornaments for clock cases,  made by VIOLA  –  Spain

8 ornaments, L 1 to 9, 3. 8

ball + spire – small and large, capital, column base, flat ornaments for fluted pillars.

The sizes are normally for the height unless otherwise stated.

001 80mm, R 90.–      002 145mm, R 158.–        003 18mm,  R 52.–      004 32mm, R96.–      005 40mm, R 46.–

006 28mm, SOLD       007  24mm, R 54.–      017  65mm + 20mm,  R 136.– 

The ornaments are of solid brass, naturally of high quality. As with all of my offers, you get excellent value. Just check some USA websites. Of course I only can sell at my prices, because I don’t import any more. As with most goods today, you can purchase some cheap imitations, but — value for money is questionable. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 2

brass ornaments for clock cases

008  55mm wide, R 52.–    009  55mm wide, R 98.–   010 + 011  12mm, R 12.– each,   012  45mm, R 29.–  013 60mm,  R 78.–

014  58mm, R 94.– per pair,  015  72mm,  R 38.–   016 box lock set  45mm, escutchion 63mm,  R 72.–    018  30mm,  R 48.–

019  47mm, R  76.–