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From Ansonia, Seth Thomas, Mauthe, Smith:   Mantel, Wall, Alarm clocks.  A small selection of special time-pieces.  Either for the trade (qualified clockmakers, who restore their purchases) or for the end user, for whom I will do the repairs and refurbishing. Some clocks are already restored and in perfect condition, guaranteed of course.

A rare mantel clock 
Pewter, brass-plated, 35 cm high, Bezel 95 mm diameter

Spring driven with pendulum, running  8 days per winding.

“Original advertisement”

“C. Werner, clock factory in Villingen, ( Black Forest ) fabricates solid spring-driven regulators as a speciality in three different qualities. All the components are of the most punctual performance, completely polished and painstakingly examined by experienced clock-makers.

Pay attention to the factory mark and take care not to confuse my work with others of a lesser quality. The price is the same as that of our competition.

I would like to notify my dear customers hereby that I have dropped my previous brand-mark and use in its place the two factory-marks,  horseshoe monogrammed and horseshoe with star.”

The above ” original advertisement” and some other data I gleaned (with thanks of course) from the website of Juwelier Klisch, Weißenburg  Bavaria.

My book “Meister der Uhrmacherkunst” by Jürgen Abeler helped in my “detective work”, especially for details with the above-mentioned trade (factory) marks.

trade mark, Carl Werner, Villingen
Carl Werner, Villingen, Clock factory, early mark

I also know now, where my ” kitchen clock ”  originated. The trade-mark on the right is most likely the dropped one, mentioned by C. Werner

Antique mantel clock, ca. 1900
Carl Werner, Villingen, ca. 1900. Mantel clock, pewter, brassed