From Ansonia, Seth Thomas, Mauthe, Smith:   Mantel, Wall, Alarm clocks.  A small selection of special time-pieces.  Either for the trade (qualified clockmakers, who restore their purchases) or for the end user, for whom I will do the repairs and refurbishing. Some clocks are already restored and in perfect condition, guaranteed of course.

Schilder Uhr, 5 layers on BG merged, compressed

A “Schilder – Uhr” in European  Auction Houses will sell for about E 1200.



The Dugena brand has a long history. It started with the Swiss Alpina, a watchmakers’  association to give the members collective purchasing power.

Check their website for watches. Like most European companies, they specialize in high quality – exclusive timepieces.

Dugena. electric kitchen clock




Friedrich Mauthe founded the famous Black Forest clock company in 1844 manufacturing raw materials and semi finished procucts for clockmakers. Sixteen years later he started producing clocks with 12 craftsmen.

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