Clocks for Home and Office

Four of the mantel clocks are available as single pieces only. Of fhe Kieninger Skeleton Clock I have about half a dozen. All models are of exceptional value for money.
All clocks are fitted with high quality battery operated quartz movements, except for  the Kieninger Skeleton clock, which strikes every hour once on a bell and has a 8- day spring wound movement. These clocks present a perfect balance between functionality and minimalism and will stand out in any setting in your home.

Spring driven skeleton clock, KIENINGER, Germany.

Kieninger Skeleton Clock, mechanical 7-day movement with one strike every hour, 270 mm high. Glass dome, R 3260.–

Hour Lavigne, French made, gilded, partly tortoise-shell lacquered

Hour Lavigne A 3E, heavy brass, gilded, partly tortoise – shell lacquered, 245 mm,   R 8700.–


Hour Lavigne, French table clock, quartz movement, gilded case,

Hour Lavigne, ref. A 30, French tabe clock, heavy brass, gilded, 240mm high. Quartz movement, R 9800.–


Junghans, Golden Star, heavy brass, gilded case. 135 mm

Junghans, “Golden Star” table clock, heavy brass, gilded. 135 mm. Quartz movement. R 4300.–

Hermle mantel clock, Oak, brass trim, real enamel face

Hermle Mantel Clock, 190mm. Oak with brass trim, with real enamel face, no glass front. R 650.–