Trade Offers

        Jigs, Tools and Parts to make exterior clocks as illustrated.

I don’t have the clocks any more, but the dials as well as tools /jigs to make the cases:

On offer to enterprising clockmakers or hands-on \ practical people: The main item in the set is the 700 mm diameter aluminium spinning die, used to make the popular medium sized exterior wall clocks.


Importing large, complete clocks from Europe was far too expensive, even at a time when the Rand was a Rand. That size of clock is for schools, public buildings, golf courses…

The die weighs 25 kg, light in comparison to the previous tool, made from steel, a gantry was necessary to fit it onto a spinning lathe. The product is a seamless aluminium ring, into which the glass, dial, spacers etc. fit.

The set comes with a  steel jig ( not illustrated ) for getting true round openings into walls.  For on-wall mounting I supply a few simple parts. These have to be made for every clock.

Once you decide  to make this size of exterior clocks, I can give you all the information, based on my years of experience, that is details of hands, movements, mounting, other materials, waterproofing etc…

Included in my offer:  about 20 perspex dials, roman-white, roman-cream and arabic-white.

Price  R 6500.– including courier charges within South Africa.

To have a die made nowadays, will cost at least R 26,000.–  Why do I sell this at a bargain price?  At 72  I only concern myself with smaller clocks. Also, gardening as well as my photography takes a lot of time and I have to make space in my studio /storeroom.

As an option, I can supply a pair of hands, ready for fitting and a heavy-duty quartz movement, running on two D-size cells for three years. Of course I would use Mallory batteries.

QU remote cable connection

Heavy-duty quartz movement







As a separate offer I have three alu rings of 880 mm diameter. These are welded, but the seam is not visible from the outside.

The three rings go for R 1800.– as a lot, 

including courier charges – within SA.

Other countries on request.