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In our small company – CLOCKTIME  –  as a craftsman I have always dealt in high-quality Clocks, both imported and locally produced, as well as in restoration. After more than 30 years in Cape Town, we have moved to the Hermanus area and I am concentrating on the sale of limited editions of Wall Clocks and Mantel Clocks. Valuable Antique Clocks, such as Grandfather Clocks,  are by their nature usually unique items in limited numbers.

Several other clocks, barometers / weather instrument sets I will be able to offer soon, including two antique  Long-Case-Clocks  after I have restored them. 

I am re-introducing the CLOCKTIME brand with some special clocks later this year, together with the site completely re-organised.

In the meantime you could check the pages with CLOCK MOVEMENTS ( for woodwork projects ), which ties in with the BRASS ORNAMENTS

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