VIOLA - Spain, Brass fittings

Brass fittings and Ornaments for Clock Cases

Brass Ornaments, often used to complete the top section of Grandfather clocks and wall Regulators

ref. V 001, small ball + spire ornament, diameter 28 mm , height 75 mm

ref. V 001-a, brass spire only , 46 mm

ref. V 002, a large ball + spire ornament, diameter 60 mm, height 120 mm.

ref. V 002-a, large ball + eagle ornament, diameter 60 mm, height 120 mm

ref. V 003, column base 30 x 30 x 18 mm

ref. V 004, Corinthian Capital, 28 x 28 x 30 mm, usually goes together with V 003

Some info about prices: How can I offer (as an example) the ref. V 002 at less than half the amount, you would pay in Euro? And that is not even looking at the transport costs per Post ?!? if or when ?!? a parcel arrives ? — I have a good stock from back in the last century, when we were full-time in business. Now I don’t have to re-import at impossible exchange rates. You benefit from that.

About quantity discounts I write at the end of this page.

VIOLA - Spain, Brass fittings

Brass parts giving pillars and columns a fine finish

ref. V 005, quarter column base, 33 x 33 x 40 mm high for partial round pillars / columns

ref. V 005 a, 4 x quarter column base , 66 x 66 x 40 mm high for full pillars / columns

ref. V 007, small column base, 23 x 23 x24 mm high ( also as capital ) for smaller wall – or mantel clocks

ref. V 017, set of 4 large fittings for flat / grooved columns , 58 x 68 mm high + 58 x 23 mm high, 10 mm thick material

Brass fittings for mantel clocks, ornaments for cases, the sun symbol could be a pendulum bobbin

ref. V 008, bracket clock foot 44 x 44 x 14 mm high ( suggestion: 2 in front, wooden blocks at the back )

ref. V 009, bracket clock handle 55 x 39 mm high

ref. V 010, small corner ornaments 12 x 12 x 12 mm

ref. V 011, small foot 12 x 12 x 12 mm

ref. V 012, dial corner ornament 62 x 32 mm

ref. V 013, Sunburst 62 mm diameter, ( suggestion: pendulum disc )

ref. V 014, pair of ornaments, 57 x 24 mm each, arrangement / spacing variable

Brass fittings for various woodwork projects

ref. V 015, large flat ornament, 73 x 24 mm, two of them could be used as a large escutcheon

ref. V 016, box lock set, body 16 x 27 mm wide, escutcheon 63 mm

ref. V 018, drop handle, 31 x 26 mm high

ref. V 019, lion face, 47 x 16 mm thick

Quantity discounts + comparing new imports:

Purchases of single items as listed + courier charges R 120.– ( The Courier Guy )

Purchases to the value of R 1000.– = less 15 % and I carry the courier costs.

Purchases to the value of R 2000.– = less 25 % and I carry the courier costs.

More details on request.

Let’s compare overseas prices: one example – V 002 large ball and spire at R 221.– . Presuming you have friends / family to bring it back to South Africa, it would cost you about R 500.– to R 560.– If you have to use DHL or FEDEX, you might as well decide against using brass fittings at all. There are cheaper fitting on the market overseas, but the quality from India and other eastern sources is cheap bling.

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