Barigo Weather Instruments:

In addition to the FAQ article, here are some hints on the use of barometers and especially how to care for brass cased instruments:

To dust the instruments, use a dry soft cloth, definitely no Brasso or the Venol paste. Those are good for untreated brass only.

You could buy a soft artist’s brush, say 20 mm wide. Cover the metal part between handle and actual brush with a sleeve of masking tape or similar. That prevents scratching when accidently touching the brass case with the metal part of the brush. ( I recently found a soft brush without any metal fittings in the local art supply shop )

I find this the best method also for removing dust on clock dials etc.

If you have touched the brass parts when handling the instruments, please wipe off any fingerprints – normally not even visible – with the above mentioned dry cloth.

You probably know, that you could give the barometer on the glass a little tick before reading. That will release any latent action of the hand. The mechanism would move also without a tick anyhow to its right position according to  changing pressures, but it would do so at any time, and not necessarily when you want to see a tendency. The marker hand is self- explanatory.

Please share this knowledge with your friends.

re-published October 2016

The care of Barigo brass casings
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