For clock owners, who will appreciate their clockmakers /restorers and realize to which length of professional service work the latter will go — hopefully.

You see the short descriptions within the images and video clips, a 2 MB file, running for 56 seconds.

A few of those Kieninger PF movements I had in stock a very long time. The grease had dried out in patches, due to not being moved by winding up and running down. No wear an tear, but grease and oil deteriorates in any case over time.

Years ago, I worked out the best combination of lubricants. From the companies Moebius (Switzerland) and Etsyntha (Germany) I received detailed information and I settled on 4 oils and 2 types of grease for my work on clocks.

I will continue this post with notes on lubricating the mainsprings and barrel bearings.

Thomas 10. October 2016

mainspring cleaning
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