Hi Thomas,    re. Barometer casing repair.

Thanks for making the effort, much appreciated. It certainly looks like brand new.

Regards Cyril   ( Cyril Glaser, Cape Town )

P.S. The new barometer set is outstanding, thanks

Dear Thomas

This is perfect, you are a star, thank you so much.
I was not having a lot of luck with my google searches.
Much appreciated!!
sandy, Dr Sandy Thomalla

Principal Scientist, CSIR

Hello Thomas,

Further to our conversation, here’s some pictures of the Kieninger clock case. The movement is hardly damaged..

Unfortunately over the weekend my 3 year old son Rory decided that it was a good idea to swing it off the wall, whereupon the case got totally smashed…

Thanks for your assistance Thomas, which is much appreciated.

Kind regards, Mark

Mark Nagle's son clockswinger


a ships bell clock movement, EXPLANATIONS  

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